3M Lava™ Esthetic

Discover the next level of cubic zirconia aesthetics.

Innovation in zirconia from a brand you can trust. The first zirconia with inherent, toothlike fluorescence for your high-aesthetic full-contour crown and bridge cases.

All you ever wanted in one crown.

  • Excellent shade match to VITA® Classic shades by built-in shade gradient.
  • High translucency. Optimised for aesthetic full-contour restorations.
  • Durable full-contour. 800 MPa* through and through. Indicated for crowns, 3-unit bridges, inlays/onlays, veneers.**
  • First zirconia with inherent, toothlike fluorescence.

    Ideal for aesthetic full-contour crowns and bridges.

    With 800 MPa* strength and high translucency optimised for aesthetic full-contour crowns and bridges, Lava Esthetic zirconia can be used as an alternative to typical glass ceramic cases with confidence. With minimum 0.8 mm, it allows for reduced wall thickness compared with lithium disilicate glass ceramic and also thinner connectors (12 mm² anterior and 14 mm² posterior) for bridges.**


  • Anterior and posterior crowns
  • Bridges with maximum onepontic between two crowns
  • Inlays/onlays, veneers

    *3-point bending strength according to ISO 6872:2015; qualified for Type II, class 4.**Based on manufacturer instructions for use.

  • Impression Technique Digital or traditional
    Material Esthetic Flouresent Full-Contour Monolithic Zirconia
    Indications Anterior and posterior crowns Bridges with maximum one Pontic between two crowns Inlays/onlys, veneers
    Recommended use Bridges, single crowns
    Margins Feather edge, chamfer or shoulder
    Cementation Conventional, self-adhesive or adhesive cementation
    Etch N/A
    Recommended cement 3M™ RelyX™ Unicem 2
    Turnaround Time 5 lab days
    Method of manufacture Digitally designed and manufactured
    Aesthetics ★★★★
    Shades / colouring No internal effects, standard shades
    Add-on options Fit to denture
    Benefits High durability strength metal-free, exceptional accuracy
    Warranty 10 years
    Type Premium Crown
    Popularity ★★★★
    Strength 800MPa
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